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Frequently Asked Questions

What data is contained in the EAST Retention Database?

This database contains all retention commitments made by EAST retention partners as of June 2018. This data was provided by Sustainable Collections Services ®, and is, for the most part, the same data as found in GreenGlass, the tool used for the original EAST collection analysis. The two exceptions to this are that ConnectNY commitments which were extended to EAST are also included, and any changes to retentions which were provided to EAST by Retention Partners are also reflected in this data.

Why did EAST create this database when GreenGlass already exists?

Access to GreenGlass will end for Cohort 1 in October of 2018, and access requires a login. The data in GreenGlass is a static dataset as of October 2016 for Cohort 1 and March 2018 for Cohort 2, and while mostly accurate, may contain some inaccurate data. EAST is in the process of exploring various options for providing up to date access to the EAST retention commitments for a longer period of time, including maintaining a database such as this one.
UPDATE JUNE 2018: OCLC/SCS is now providing a GreenGlass instance which contains ALL retained titles for Cohorts 1 and 2. EAST contacts at member libraries should have received a login to this database. If not, please contact samato@blc.org for access.

Why did EAST create this database rather than disclosing EAST retention commitments in WorldCat?

As of summer 2018 there is no tool available to disclose *all* EAST retentions in WorldCat. EAST is working closely with OCLC to test the registration service with EAST WMS libraries, and it appears to be working well with single part monographs, though there is currently no mechanism to register multi part monographs. In the meantime the EAST Project Team felt it was important to explore all options.

Can I make changes directly to this data?

Not at this time. However you can request that changes be made by emailing the EAST Data Librarian Sara Amato at samato@blc.org. Please note that any changes to EAST retention commitments must be in accordance with the EAST Major Operating Policies.

Can this database tell me who holds at title in EAST?

No, this database only contains retentions, not full print holdings. If you need to determine who else holds a title, please use GreenGlass if you wish to query your cohort's holdings or WorldCat.

Did you know that diacritics aren’t working?

Yes, we are aware of the display issues with diacritics. If it is determined that this database will be used on an ongoing basis an effort will be made to fix this issue.

Why do some titles sort out of order?

The data provided to us for this databases has the full 245 (subfields a, b & c) in the titles. While titles generally sort in order, this occasionally causes problems such as the example below:

The diary of a chambermaid : a naughty French novel / Octave Mirbeau.
    sorts before
The diary of a chambermaid / Octave Mirbeau
    as “a naughty” comes before “Octave” .

Can I get a copy of the raw data used to build this database?

By all means. You can request a copy of the raw data by completing this form: https://goo.gl/AqCPyO .

I have feedback or more questions!

Please direct any feedback or additional questions to Sara Amato - samato@blc.org.

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